Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good start to the New Year

Day three of the New Year and I have gotten myself out for a run, started to de-junk food the fridge and (woot woot) done some sewing. I joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year and our color of the month is blue.  We are making a 12" (finished) saw tooth star with a 6" (finished) block in the middle.  At first I did not want to do these blocks as I don't have the magic ruler so it involves , gasp, math and cutting in 8ths.

I berated myself for being lazy and dug out some blues.  Yes, I have to be V E R Y careful in cutting but I am really happy with the way this block looks.  I may make another as my blade was a *cough* tad bit dull.

Whirling geese in the saw tooth star 
The whirling geese was a really fun block to make.  I had a good chortle when I was able to join the last seam without a problem.

And now I have posted twice in this new year...fist bump!!!!

Linking up to Soscrappy  with her Scrap Happy Saturday.

hummmm I wonder if hubby would like quinoa nuggets for dinner?????????????


  1. Welcome to the challenge! Your block came out great!

  2. Welcome to RSC. Your block looks great. You can use scraps however you wish and don't need to follow the sampler if it's not your thing.

  3. What a perfectly lovely block. So happy that you were able to finish it so successfully without the "magic" ruler. There are so many ways to make basic units that go together to make lots of classic blocks. Love that the last seam went together so perfectly!


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