Sunday, December 28, 2014

Challenging Myself

I am never sure how to start posts:  good morning, greetings, dear dairy, hello friends.......

The new year is fast approaching and it is the time I review the year fast ending.  There was way too much unproductive time.  I do believe we need some down time but I really need to get my rear in gear during the evenings; plus reruns are creating a real brain drain.

I try not to make resolutions but I would like to:

 1) use some of my fabric so I am joining a scrap challenge over at soscrappy.  Her button is on my sidebar.  I am not sure if I will follow her pattern or make Dresden blocks.
2) eat better- I have been (mostly) following a non-meat diet for two years.  I would like to be more conscious about what I eat.  Yes, french fries are made with a vegetable and cooked in the right oil they are vegan but really??????  Not conducive to good health.
3) Take better pictures of my endeavors.  I bought a real camera for a trip I will be taking in June.  Now I need to use it.

Yesterday I made a lentil loaf and it was pretty darn good.  Now, of course, we have left overs.  Does anyone still eat meatloaf sandwiches?  Well, I do, only lentil loaf.  The recipe is from The Simple Veganista.  Her picture is lovely and mine is lazy.

Packed full of vegetables with a ketchup balsamic glaze
Maybe my word for 2015 should be: energize.

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