Monday, September 1, 2014

I feel like a stalker

Hi everyone!

I have been very lax on posting but I have been stalking reading all my blogs.  You are all very busy creative peeps.  I will miss Deb who is moving to Twitter.  She has been a great example of  the power of positive thinking.

 Carol's road trip and her sharing  the Row by Row patterns has been a lot of fun.  I was inspired to search one out on my own.  My husband and I took a a day trip to the "main land" and went to Murray's Farrics in Orleans. Ma on the Cape.  I neglected to take a picture of their row but I bought the pattern & kit and, of course, some additional fabric.  The pattern has no picture so I have asked them to send me one as it will be easier for me to follow their pattern with a visual reference.  Anyway, I have told my husband that in 2015 we will be taking a New England road trip.  He can golf in between hunting down the row by row experience.  The row by row was a brilliant idea for our local quilt shops.

I follow so many blogs it is impossible to mention all of you but thank you!  I will mention one more as I have joined  Cheryll's Santa sack swap.  It is a lot of fun planning, executing and then receiving a total surprise.  I would have joined Mdm Samm  ( oops mentioned another) for her sew three things this summer but all of my items are a surprise!

The itch to sew again has finally hit!!  In addition to the Christmas swap I have decided to enter a little landscape wall hanging in our County Fair.  I started this years ago at a quilting retreat and will now finish it - nothing like a deadline.
I think I will add some beads for sparkle.

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  1. I became obsessed with the row by row challenge. You are right on, it is a great way to see small towns and areas off the beaten path! I think if I lived near cape cod, I may never want to travel too far. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet little landscape. I love all the flowers in the dunes; you've really made them sparkle.


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