Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring into Color

Hi Everyone,

While Spring is officially here our outside thermometer told me is was 24F.  It just makes me shiver writing that number.

The last time I posted I had just shattered my elbow while ice skating with my DgD. A month and a half , 23 stitches, a plate and some screws later I am well on the road to recovery.  Physical therapy is a challenge but so very helpful.  I was actually able to use my rotary cutter today-yay!.  Silly me. I thought one had to hold that darn thing up right and press really hard.  Well, if you put a fresh blade in, it can be held at an angle with slight pressure and a steady push.  I have got to stop being so cheap and refresh that blade more often.

While on the couch I decided to take  Rachel's Color Intensive class.  I have never felt comfortable putting my own color combos together so I decided to go to school.  She is a wonderful teacher and gave her students lots of helpful advice. 

Some of the most helpful, to me, was stash evaluation.  My stash is full of hand-me -downs and lots of focus fabrics.  I do not have many blenders or solids.My first purchase after her class (it is okay to laugh) was
                        One solid and one primary blender- reminds me of a famous mouse.

                        To go with the bicycle, bicycle  (anyone remember Meatloaf) fabric.

                      Then I added more from my stash thinking value, organics and geometric.
                  Some more -from ye old stash.  Maybe my next class should be photography.
           This is what I removed from the fabric pull as it struck the wrong note with me.

Now I have to find a pattern - hummm pinterest here I come.

Take care ya all - the fam is ransacking the kitchen trying to make caramel popcorn  (can you say mess?)


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