Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh no

Another grand-baby of a friend will be arriving soon.  The couple has chosen to be surprised and their colors are brown and green - a woodland theme.  Well color me stumped.

SO back to the fabric store I go as I have no browns.

Second fabric purchase after the Color Intensive class
 In my new found color freedom I decided that this palette needs a bit of ........something.
A couple more greens, a solid and light blue or grey for the back ground

 Yup. I have actually picked a pattern, Through the Looking Glass by Sarah Price (, that I bought as a pdf from Connecting Threads.  Easy peasy right?

I decided to go with the gray back ground and guess what - I ran out.  So I am sending a scrap to my mother, who lives "off island" and has access to fancy stores that sell fabric in the hopes that she will be able to find some more.  

Stay tuned.


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  1. Oh, don't you hate it when you don't have quite enough... drat! It will be just adorable, I'm sure.


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