Friday, January 3, 2014


Hello again,

I am getting very frustrated with my seeming inability to post even the most simple of things.  This little bit has taken me twenty minutes.  But enough of the very un-New Year rant.  On to the positive.

I am positively joining Madame Samm  in another of her world famous blog hops:  Hugs and Kisses 2014.  After all "....we need is love......."  So join us if you would like for some paper piecing   
                                                           f rustration un !  

This is my second join for 2014 and both are for February.  I must admit that I have a reason for liking February as it is Heart Health Month  with a focus on Go Red for Women.   My husband and I have both had heart problems (his much more severe - but we are both fine)  so I don't mind the ads and fund raising on the telly this month.

 We had a snow day today on our little island.   As you can see, not only snow but winds and flooding.
Ta for now,

Nana B    


  1. this is just terrible..looks like it is your main street? we have soooo much snow and just got over a terrible ice storm…mother nature is not happy it seems…
    glad your attitude rises above the floods

  2. Wow those homes look like they took a lot of damage. It looks like a river.. How deep was the water?


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