Saturday, October 13, 2012


Lots of finally"s" here at the sea shore.

Our office has moved and been combined with four other offices.  Things are finally settling down.

The washing machine has finally been replaced and we are not wasting our time at the laundry mat.

I finally decided to order a new camera.  We are very hard on electronics, apparently.  This is my third point and click in four years.  This time I purchased an extended warranty.

My daughter and I are finally doing a craft table together.  We have been talking about it for  few years but have never taken the plunge.  The event is a fund raiser for our Safe Place for families at risk.  I am making yoga bags

 adapted from a pattern by Laurie Wisbrun.  I love her whimsical style. I have had some lining floating around here for years that I have finally used up.  An order for more has been placed and I hope it gets here soon as the event is November 8th and I would like to have a bigger inventory.  My daughter is knitting up some elves.

Speaking of elves, now that I have a camera I am finally able to post a picture of the loot received for the Santa Sack Swap from the lovely Donna.

And, I have finally posted again.

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