Saturday, September 1, 2012

Too Long

It has been a long time between posts but I have still been reading all your blogs.  I do enjoy being a follower: reading about your day, smiling at the pictures and marvaling at all the things everyone squeezes into their days.  I am just not that good at posting because I feel a tad inadaquet.  I haven't come with any nifty day themes, never made a tutorial and most of all never seem to finish any projects.  Not feeling sorry for myself- just facts.

What I have been doing is working full time, sharing our home with our grown daughter and my adorable (now I'm four) grandaughter, spending time with summer visitors (friends and family) and working on my health.  Many changes have occured in the quest for better health.  It is not that I was really sick but I never really felt all that well either.  So I, like many others, have made some life style changes.

After watching many  documentaries on the way we in the US process our meat I have become a vegatarian.  I also, in a freak out after watching some of those shows, told my husband that we are all going to hell because of our treatment of our fellow planet dwellers.  The poor fellow asked what he could do to help and I tearfully responded - burn their villages, plunder the farms - set the animals free.  I will have to settle for working my way into veganism. Not an easy task, by the way, and one sure way to make some less understanding family members think I have fallen off the pier.

The other goal is exercise - everyday - move - stretch - lift - something everyday.  I am biking to work, attending yoga classes, walking with hubby on our days off together, jogging on my own, and swimming with a buddy.  Everything, except the yoga, is free.  Imagine - no gym needed - for now - the winter weather my force me inside but not for a while.

I leave you with a picture of the great outdoors in my deck of the woods and hope that you all are finding peace and happiness in your journey.

Nana B
ps I will try to be a better blogger........

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  1. Beautiful views. Way to go in addressing your health issues. I'm on the same road, but not nearly so far along. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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