Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wild Window and more

This spring I decided to save some money by not buying flowers for my window boxes.  The plants alone, on my little island, cost a minimum of $200.00 and that doesn't include any new soil.  So I stirred up the compost pile, added some of my neighbor's chicken droppings and popped in some nasturtium seeds.  Low and behold a riot of color and they are edible.  I will decorate some salads with them today.

And now for the more:  I have joined the Santa Sack Swap with Cheryll and her band of elves.  I  received my sack and the first two goodies last week.  Now I have to tell you that my partner knows how to carry a theme. Donna has the cutest blog.  She wrapped the package with lavender tape, used a purple marker and lavender tissue paper.  The sack is made of material I almost bought for myself -it is wonderful.  I embarrassed to say that my 3 year old DgD thought the presents were for her ( no surprise there from a a toddler) and ripped the wrapping.  I did not peek!  The presents are now safely tucked into the sack and hidden away.  I have already started contemplating the opening:  will I gather the family around or will I have a cup of cocoa with marshmallows, a Christmas cookie or two, music and solitude?  Hmmmm it seems I am leaning toward the latter but I have plenty of time before the great reveal;^)
This picture doesn't do the colors justice - there is a lovely "retro" blue in with the flowers


  1. OH my gosh $200. YIKES! What you have planted is just beautiful. I just love how it is climbing up the side of your window. I am so glad you like your sack. Hope you are having a great 4th of July.

  2. I love nasturtiums!!! Your window box looks fantastic!!!


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