Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Shelves are Empty

My hometown is a small island, once a thriving whaling port and now a famous summer resort.  When it was just a summer resort prices were still higher than the mainland and it got busy but all was manageable.  But now that it is a "famous" summer resort the crowds are overwhelming and the prices seem to have no ceiling.  What really made me see this was when our visiting friends said that there was only one flavor of ice cream left in the store.  And then my hubby went to get three items and they only had one.  So off to the smaller specialty shops and organic grocery we went.  Score, finally, some cocoa.

This mission was on the behalf of My DgD who adores cupcakes and swoons over chocolate ones.  So low and behold vegan chocolate cupcakes that are yummy!

So good they are gobbling them without frosting

But better with frosting!


  1. That kind of pressure to get all the groceries you need when at a big store must be enormous! I would need a freezer and a big pantry!


  2. mmmmmm sounds good.


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