Friday, June 8, 2012

Lunch Break

Sometimes I just need to take a break.  Since I can't take a break from myself I try to stop the frantic running around and all the ceaseless churning of my mind - I am a worrier.  If there is not something immediate to worry about I won't hesitate to come up with a worry for the future.  For example: when my DgD was just one I started worrying about her elementary school career.  I know I know so unnecessary.

Usually during my lunch break I run around doing errands but every once and a while I make myself stop and take a break.  During my lunch there are no family members, co-workers or clients wanting or needing anything from me. Across the street from my office is the harbor, small beach, many benches and usually no people.
My lunch time view
 Sometimes I meditate and sometimes I stitch.
View of what is in my lap

I love red work or for that matter blue work.

This house sign is a reminder to me every morning on my way to work to be

Wishing you all a joyful and worry free day.

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  1. My Guy insists that we get away from work for lunch as much as our meeting schedules allow. It does help break up the day and it's nice to get away with someone who I can share just about anything with.

    I hear you about the worrying, I'm the same way. It's good that you've found a way to center yourself. Sewing does that for me.


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