Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little Treasures

Hi Everyone,

Today I have linked up to Cat Patches Foto Finish and the theme is gardening.  Now the two photos I have seen so far are of beautiful flowers.  Unfortunately my garden isn't sporting any of those yet.    Well we did have some daffodils but those have already gone by.  The Iris should showing their flowers but not quite yet.  And my window boxes - weeelllllll - I planted seeds this year instead of spending a fortune on nursery flowers.   And, get this, I planted peas, beans, swiss chard and nasturtium in the boxes.  I am becoming the weird lady on the block - everything in my window boxes is edible.  So they won't be pretty but they will be healthy - if I don't kill everything by forgetting to water.

On the south side of the house we planted tomatoes last year.  I left some of the fallen ones on the ground to see what would happen.  And sure enough we have "wild" tomato plants growing.  I don't dare separate them yet-maybe never.  SO we will see what these little wonders become - are they cherry tomatoes, or big sandwich tomatoes or (fingers crossed) an heirloom variety?
"Wild" Tomatoes and maybe carrots maybe weeds
So not the prettiest plant but hopefully one of the tastiest!

Enjoy the day - and for those of us State Side  please remember our past, our fallen and our active service members this Memorial Day Weekend


  1. We've had some of those volunteer tomatoes in the past. They are just as good as the ones that are planted by hand. Relished them.

  2. Hello! I popped out of the Garden of Daisies to find you. I'm the funny faced new follower!


  3. My family would love those fresh tomatoes when they're ready!! It's gardening and that's what it's all about!!

  4. If they came up from the seeds, don't they have to be heirloom? I'll hope they are tasty, whatever they turn out to be! I have several plants in pots on my deck, and several tomatoes growing on them, too! But I love opportunity plants. =)

  5. Hope your tomatoes grow up to be healthy whatever they are!


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