Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yummy Yummy Carbs

A good weekend was had by the familia of Nana B.  The days were mostly sunny, albeit windy, and the temperature creeped up enough to make me get out the shovel and turn over some gardens.  I still need to clean up some winter debris but look what I found hiding under dead leaves.
Parsley - rising from the ashes

what will it be - cucumber, squash - time will (hopefully) tell

Sedum - a real survivor
Before I headed out to the garden I was in the kitchen prepping for our second tasting before the Fourth Annual Grilled Cheese Cook Off.
Bubble, bubble toil & trouble
Glad I didn't have to do this all by hand

AH to rest, sleep perhance to dream of the perfect loaf 
looking good

Yikes - oven bloom - goes with the garden theme
The second taste test went very well. My team mate and I had about 10 twenty-somethings as our tasters.  As you can imagine some just ate to fill up on free food but a few took their roles seriously and gave us some really constructive feedback.  I know, grilled cheese how complicated could it be??  You would be surprised -  stay tuned to find out our recipes and how we did......

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