Tuesday, February 14, 2012

15 Minute Challenge

This challenge has really made helped me put in some time at the sewing machine

Wednesday : learned how to insert a table on my blog for the challenge but I didn't like the way it looked - fail

Thursday:  got a package for the 1st block for the Sew Red for Woman blog hop

Friday: nada, zilch zero - parked my butt in the chair and watched Downton Abby

Saturday & Sunday: cut out and made a Color Block baby girl quilt top.  This quilt has two of my favorite word fabrics.  One has all the different names for Nana and the other has words for different ways to say Good Night, sleep tight.
Monday: worked on four wonky stars for a swap.  I joined this swap to use up some scraps.  Now I seem to be collecting blocks for which I have no plan.  At some point I will figure out how to use them.
Tuesday:  finished  up the wonky stars and posted about sewing

Wow, it feels really good to be stitching again, thanks Kate


  1. I like Downton Abby too. Are you caught up?

    1. Hi PJ-

      No I plowed thru season one this past weekend. I saw eposide five of season two but, sadly, it is not on Netflix yet:^(

  2. Looks like a successful week .. I haven't started Downtown Abbey yet .. but I'm planning on it soon. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Thea -

      I just discovered it and loooove it!

  3. You managed 6 out of 7 days to do quilty thing. That's a pretty good week. You may have an anonymous comment from me from yesterday, I was having problem posting comments. Hopefully I've got that fixed now. Thanks for linking up this week.

  4. a pretty good week for you~!
    i love that bright red in the last photo (wonky star block)~!!~


  5. I love the look of the baby girl quilt block. It's going to make a very pretty quilt.


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