Friday, December 2, 2011

Crunch Time

NO, I am not on the floor doing a bazillion sit-ups, although I should be.  Can one post and crunch at the same time? Tis the season for the finishing, in my case starting, of gifts.  Next year I must join a gift a month sew-a-long; I would be done by now not just starting  - yikes.

My DD asked me to make a cosmetic bag for her friend.  As I want to make some for my nieces I said sure - maybe this would be the push I need to get my sewing mojo back. This little bag will be filled with homemade goodness made by DD  (insert Brag) who is a wonderful knitter.  One out of at least three bags done.

The next project is a snowman pillow.  This is the needlework that I have been taking with me to Sewing Sundays - yes I know it needs a good ironing, but isn't it cute!?
I have finished the second snowman since this photo was taken.  The pattern is by Meg Hawkley for Crabapple Hill Studio.  I do want to get more of her designs.

My nemesis is the Christmas Tree Quilt that I have posted about.  The large center tree is almost done
I know I know I need to make friends with my iron.  Anyway I am now working on the paper pieced star and boy oh boy paper piecing is NOT one of my favorite things.  Does anyone else see a problem with the middle row of this pattern or is it just me?
I know the picture isn't clear (another thing I haven't figured out).  Starting from the left pieces 1 and 2, Center 3 and then 4 and 5.  How in the world is five supposed to be sewn on???  The only way I could think of was to make the middle section two pieces.
This took me hours to figure out - I kid you not.  As I said before paper piecing is not my forte.

And the rest of our little town is getting ready for Christmas.

 Ta for Now    Nana B

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