Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Down - Holiday that is

Whew the turkeys are safe for another year!

This year we had a small gathering of five adults and a twenty pound turkey.  So I invited everyone and more back to our house for leftovers Friday and we gobbled up the rest of the bird!

Now on to Christmas.....I made my DgD a pair of "lounge" pants and a bathrobe.  I say lounge pants because in the US we are supposed to have our children wear flame retardant material (does that make anyone but me think toxic chemical?) not natural fibers when they go to sleep.  She now has a matching bathrobe - which she refused to wear. Ahh well. 

Work has resumed on my Christmas quilt
8 Tree Blocks
16 Scrappy Log Cabin Blocks
I was hoping that it would be a Christmas quilt for 2011 but it is more likely a 2012 Christmas quilt. 

And so far I have finished one gift - an ipad cover (with zipper!!) for a travel buddy.  Her ipad fell from the shelf on the bus and suffered a crack.  Hopefully this will help prevent any future damage!

The cover was from a tutorial featured in the Twelve Days of Christmas by Fresh Lemons Quilts

Back to the cutting board for me; more cutting for the tree quilt, make-up bags for my nieces, hot mitts, aprons and a partridge in a pear tree.  I am also going to make some sunglass cases but I don't want to sound as if I am copying Shay!  She just beat me to it All - the making and the posting.

Ta for now  Nana B


  1. That is a cute iPad cover! And the jammies are cute too. :o)


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