Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh No

Another FNSI that I have blown.  I got my Sunday Sewing buddies together at a one of their houses (no cleaning for me hehe), bought the red embroidery floss, found my hoop, borrowed the light box and remembered the marking pen and my small sissors.  I forgot my muslin - forehead slap.

Instead of sewing we chatted.  Thre three of  us and one of the gals' mother was visiting.  Three hours of catching up with one another.  It was wonderful.

As far as actual sewing - I have managed to get some thing done (not on Friday)

An ereader cover for our Fall Festival Fair at church
and some tissue holders for a tutorial by Deb.  Thank you Deb these were sew easy and are so cute

These are also for the fair November.

And I have finally started the quilt by Ricky Tims for our family.
Slow going - I tell myself to do a block a night.....

It is a glorious day here in New England.  Time to take the dog for a romp off the leash and then get to the garden clean up.  Enjoy!


  1. Doesn't it suck when you forget something. At least you were able to enjoy some good company and conversation. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower! Have a Great Weekend! :)

  2. *forehead slap* made me chuckle. Been there. ha! At least you got in some good visiting with friends! Love the houndstooth pattern on the ereader cover! I'm going to follow you, too. :o) Nice to *meet* you. Came over from the FNSI link.

  3. Great little tissue pockets. Time spent in the company of good friends is always to be valued. Found you via FNSI and now following...


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