Thursday, June 23, 2011

Too Long

Greetings Blog Land!  I realize it has been a long time between posts so I felt a need to play catch up:
Dear Diary....just kidding

I must say that I am in awe of how much so many of you get done in a week.  Stay at home Moms with their creativity and energy, working Moms struggling to find the balance and older Moms/Nanas working, creating while dealing with the inevitable slow down brought on by a growing number of years (we are the lucky ones) and a few extra pounds (yuck). And blogging - I don't know how everyone does it. Our DD and DGD live with us, we both work full time (again we are lucky we are still employed) and I still find myself struggling to find a balance.

One of favorite bloggers seems to be on to something that may work for me-multiple mini breaks.  So this weekend I am off to the Vermont Quilt Festival!!  Three days and two nights of, well whatever, I want to do.  Yikes, I hope I don't stand like a deer in the headlights frozen by so much freedom!!

When I return it will be back to work on the July placemat, a dress for me and, I think, starting a shadow quilt with the pooches and pickup material that I won in a give-a-way.

For everyone in this hemisphere I hope that you have a fun filled first weekend of summer.  Ditto for those starting winter but is still very hard for me to comprehend July with snow

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