Thursday, May 5, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

It is still Thursday here but what the heck.  I have had two margaritas and a lovely meal to celebrate Thirsty Thursday and Cinco de Mayo.  I feel that I should get some sewing done but .........better not as I am sure I will be un-sewing tomorrow.

Where was I ..?? oh..FTF.  My favorite thing, hmmmm, four letter words.  I think four letter words have been given a bad rap.  Yes, there are a few bad apples and it sure is fun letting one rip ( especially after sewing a wrong side to a right side AGAIN) but getting caught by DGD is a tad bit embarrassing.  So here are some NICE four letter words that I LOVE.

 Hope      Pray       Home       Food     Warm    Kids    Safe  cake   Grin    Pets  

Which ones have I missed? 


  1. love . nana . baby . toes . nice .

    nice FTF (any way to make that a four-letter word?)

  2. Great FTF, I have been known to let rip when sewing the odd 4 letter word.

  3. I like your four letter words.

  4. This is such a great post Nana B ! Home, Warm and Love are among my favourite 4 letter words. (I use the other kind occasionally too!)

    Thanks for popping in to FTF this week to share .

  5. A great post, yes there are some lovely four letter words, unfortunately I don't use any of them when I have to unpick stitches, again and again!


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