Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scrap that Stash

Spring must be in the air in this part of the world.  All sorts of people are talking/blogging about cleaning out their stash. Want to get the stash scared out of you Hoarders....

The other night nothing on TV interested me (how many channels available and still nothing on) so I  stopped flipping thru channels at the reality show Hoarders.  Well it must have been a marathon which I was really not paying attention to at first.  But then the sheer volumes of stuff and the desperation of the families and sometimes of the Hoarders themselves started making its way into my conscious thought.

My thoughts turned to the four huge plastic bins, one small trunk, three wheeling caddies and a bureau full of my stuff.  Patterns, beads, assorted craft items, scrap booking paraphernalia but mostly material filled those containers.  Material that I hadn't bought, material that others had de-stashed unto me, material that I didn't love or even really like.  So heave hoe.  Two days later the plastic bins and trunk are empty, a block of the month with 11 out of 12 blocks done has been rescued from obscurity and the little bits of fabric that I kept look lonely.

Guess who has been shopping??!!  One can't have lonely fabric.  I am glad I purged but I would warn you to be careful when it comes to solids.  I already wish I had kept those.

Work continues on the first stash busting idea I found: The Rainbow Quilt in Quilter's Home Magazine.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how hoarders live, and the stuff that comes out of their homes!!! My father-in-law had 1 room filled and it wasn't fun clearing that out after he passed... thank goodness he didn't have the whole house filled!!!

    Your Rainbow quilt blocks are look great so far!! I look forward to seeing more! 8-)


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