Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First Swap

I have been thinking about joining a bee since I have started blogging.  There is so much inspiration in cyberworld.  However I was somewhat unsure of how to do this and if I would be a fit in some of these groups.  I was feeling my age.

Enter Chelsea.  I had approached her thru Flickr but the swap/bee was already full.  She assured me that she would be in touch if/when she started another. Right, sure, don't call us we'll call you and on the little troll of self doubt went.

Well guess what??!! Chelsea invited me to join a swap- happy dance.  Oranges, wonky nine patch so much fun.  Hold it - I had just de-stashed and don't have an orange to my name - or much else for that matter.  Darn a shopping I had to go.  My order isn't here yet but I hope to see it and share with you soon.

Block Work Orange hosted by Chelsea at Cream & Cotton

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