Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Meal

Last weekend we had the Great Grilled Cheese Smack Down (actually cook off but there was a lot of smack talk going on).  It certainly wasn't my mothers grilled cheese.  Not only did almost everyone make their own bread but some made their own butter and mascarpone cheese.  One contestant made a tomatillo dipping sauce,  another tomato soup,  and others provided beverages to go with their cheese creations: beer and bloody marys.  It was so much fun.

After being around this creative cooking for three hours I was inspired to make something fun for my family.  Presenting my take on the frozen meal, idea from the book Hello Cupcake by Tack and Richardson - ta da

Cupcakes and cakes are 'appys according to DGD.  She wasn't fooled and danced around singing " ...'appys 'appys..." until we told her she couldn't have one.  Just kidding :^)

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