Thursday, March 17, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite thing this Friday is tutorials.  As I have been exploring the blog world I have found some amazing, interesting and fun tutorials.  I will only list three that I love this week and as I actually do more of the tutorials I will share the results.

First this week is Leah and her  Free Motion Quilting Project.  She is am amazing young woman on a quilting and personal journey. Click here to visit with Leah.

The next tutorial was from Moda Bakeshop.  The most time consuming thing about this little wallet was picking the material for this Punch Card Wallet

The last tutorial for this FTF is a Kindle cover.  My DS gave me a kindle for Christmas which was very funny since my DH and I gave him and his sister one for Christmas also.  I wasn't sure that I would like/use it as I love books and going to the library but it has grown on me. The kindle is very easy to travel with and if I don't get to the library then I can pick up a new read anytime day or night.

Interested in making one?  Go visit Chica and Jo.

Thanks Shay for hosting  Favorite Things Friday


  1. What a fun FTF and I totally agree with you that tutorials are the best! I've been meaning to make my own cover but you have now made it a certainty I'll get around to it. Thanks!

  2. I love the tutorials you can find on the blogs, I am definitely a monkey see, monkey do type of learner so the tutorials are just brilliant for me. I haven't succumbed to a Kindle yet as I still like holding a book. I do get some emags and I can see the attraction when you travel or if you run out of booksmags to read :-)

  3. I love tutorials too! There is a binding one that I use every time I finish a quilt! Thanks for sharing a few of your favorites.

  4. I haven't used any tutorials, I'm a book learner by nature. You've definitely got some great projects done that way!

  5. If you're willing to look, I don't think any of us ever really need to buy a pattern again. I think they're fantastic - the internet contributing once again to our shared knowledge.

  6. I was looking for a knitting pattern, didn't even know anything about blogs, about thing you know, I was quilting and blogging. yes from tutorials....a great ftf.

  7. I love tutorials too. Im constantly inspired by the things i see on the www and love it when I find a clear tutorial that breaks it down into tiny steps so I can make it. Cute purse too!

    This is a terrific FTF Nana!

  8. I love tutorials too. If I'm not quite sure how to do something, I google it. I have lots and lots of tutorials bookmarked for future use. I especially love some of the you tube tutes, as i find it much easier to see what to do. I've been following Leah for ages now, it still hasn't given me the courage to get out of my comfort zone with FMQ though!
    Love the kindle cover, I need to make a cover for my iPad.
    A really great FTF!


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