Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing Sunday

DD is home with DGD and my camera.  Time for me to catch up on my posting.

The first thing is one more PhD under my belt.  Woot Woot. Myra's challenge  has motivated me to finish up a few projects that have languished for too long.

Sliding into home is the baseball quilt (not one of my PhDs) that I have finished for a friend's first grandchild.  The front is shown on one of my earlier posts but I wanted to show you the back.  I love this fabric.  It reminds me of summer days long ago and of actually playing pick-up ball with no uniforms and no adults!

We are celebrating the birth of another friend's grandchild today.  The proud grandmother is the host of our Sewing Sundays; needless to say she cancelled our gathering this afternoon.  The call came for her to stay with grandson #1 came at 11pm and his little brother arrived shortly after midnight.  Mother and child are healthy and resting comfortably!  All of these events left me with a free afternoon.

Any guesses as to what I did ? Ta da you guessed it - I sewed.  Well actually I cut out squares and triangles for a scrap quilt.  Now I have seen patterns for scrap quilts before but it always looked like you would have to buy some serious yardage to get a cohesive look.  Finally I found a pattern that I felt would truly work in scraps.  The pattern is in the February/March issue of Quilter's Home and is called Rainbow World by Barbara Witman.  The directions are for a double but I thought I would try a crib size first.  Who knows after this I may not be so afraid of my scraps.

This is the weekend that DS has brought his new girl friend home for a meet and greet.  We were able to get his room  (and another bedroom) painted and the curtains completed before their arrival.  Now that side of the house looks so good it is time to work on the rest of the second floor!

Well I have  read in "how to blog" articles to not prattle on for too long -  Happy Sunday and Sewing to you.


  1. First I must say, I love your header photo!!!

    I look forward to watching this scrappy grow B! 8-)


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