Monday, January 24, 2011

Where does the time go..

The weekend has come and gone.  Once again I am amazed at how much I didn't get done.  Saturday is chore day, involving the mundane must dos - laundry, cleaning grocery shopping etc.  Well you all know what needs to be done. In between the chores I was able to get in a five mile run.  Then babysitting for my DGD in the afternoon.  She is a very active two something so needless to say the house was back to its pre-picked up state.

While playing kitchen with DGD I remembered that I had signed up to bring treats to our church coffee hour on Sunday.  So we got busy baking mini cupcakes.  They were yummy but since I am a coconut lover I assume everyone else is too - wrong.  Oh well I helped some people stick to their New Year's Resolution yesterday!

After church, I wonder what they did with the leftover cupcakes, I headed out to Sewing Sunday.  I was able to get this quilt top together for a friend's first grandchild.  They love baseball and the new grandfather to be was my son's little league coach.  DS is now 28.  Which begs the question ...where does the time go..  This will be backed with some very cute Charlie Brown material that I found on ebay.

Perhaps I should be amazed at how much we do get done in a day!

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  1. Just playing with DGD is a huge undertaking! LOL The cupcakes look delicious, and the quilt is lovely. Can't wait to see the Charlie Brown backing. He's a favorite in this house. :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday! :o)


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