Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forty-eight hours

Forty-eight hours.  Those words pop everywhere on the extensive instruction sheet that my periodontist handed me on the way out the door.  Forty-eight hours of no physical activity (poor DH), forty-eight hours of not getting my heart rate elevated, forty-eight hours of not letting my head go below my chest (bend with your knees - okay now that I am down here how do I get up??) and forty-eight hours of not being able to lift anything (sorry DGD it breaks my heart).

What to do with my forty-eight hours. Cleaning is out as the list above forbids it!  Unfortunately lifting that heavy bolt of thermal curtain lining is also out for now.  The pain is starting to kick in - stitches on the top and bottom of the left side of my jaw - which means sewing won't be enjoyable. So I will post a bit, read my blogs, search for some new ones, play with the layout of this blog and finally be able to sit thru the tutorial that came with this now not so new MacBook.  

Now to ask my family to bring me my mothers little helpers and some tea.  How long will it be before they get tired of waiting on me?  I'll bet that it will be before my forty-eight hours are up!

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