Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I love getting a head start on Friday; it brings the weekend closer and this is a three day weekend for me.

My favorite thing this Friday is my nifty drawer organizer that I bought from Amazon.  I am pretty sure the price was 2.95 for two - what a deal!

And ta da: one slot for misc. (don't know how to spell the whole word), one for spatulas and one for spoons.  Every time I open this drawer I do a little happy dance and my family thinks I have lost another marble.

Okay I can't stand it I have to share the seventeen slot
in drawer knife organizer - heaven!      

I am looking forward to reading others favorite things.  Right now I have to sign off as husband, daughter and granddaughter all seem to need me, at the same time, for some reason that I am sure is important to them.......                                              

ps I have figured how to stop following my own blog.  Search engines are a wonderful thing.


  1. Being an organised sort of girl NanaB, this post made my heart sing. I had specially ordered drawer organisers put in when we renovated the kitchen (4 drawers worth ) so I completely understand your happy dance.

    Thanks for linking up to FTF this week!

  2. I'm a little jealous - not being an organized sort of girl! :)

    love the knife drawer! I love when my husband sharpens mine - it's the little things!

    Have a great three day weekend.

  3. I love having my kitchen utensils and cutlery organised. Nothing else is organised in my house though...strange!!!!
    I can completely understand why you are doing a happy dance, I would too!

  4. Well very good favourite thing. Organizing everything is so important and in the kitchen it just saves so much time...very nice post, too.

  5. I am packing to move and did my utensil drawers yesterday and was so grateful for the organisers I have. Nice to see you are like-minded!

  6. It's so nice to be able to see what you have and know where it is. Love the drawer organizers and completely understand your happy dance. In our house, both my guy and I cook. Unfortuantely he has diffferent ideas of which drawers what should go in so I can never find anything!

  7. I'm in total love with your drawer organizers! LOL Anything to keep things in their place has got be a favourite. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

    PS...So glad you figured out your blogroll dilemma. Google is sometimes my best friend. ;o)

  8. Seriously love that knife organizer! I could use one of those. Trying to get a knife out of my knife drawer without losing a finger is like trying to remove a tooth from a Great White Shark without losing an arm.

    Happy FTF!

  9. Oh, any organization counts as a favorite to me. Thanks for sharing

  10. I am drooling over the knife organizer. Is that normal?

  11. I love all those things you can buy to organise your drawers - make up, jewellery, all manner of things. I could spend a fortune!


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