Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Not so Chirpy

Hi All,

I was so excited about 2015: new beginnings, exciting new events, new challenges and then I went and broke my ankle. My right ankle.  No driving and no machine sewing. Grumble.  SO I was not able to finish much but I had started. There was also no outside picture taking for me as this has been a wicked winter and, did I mention, my ankle.

I found a pattern for cross stitch on Pinterest but have lost the link.  This reminded me that cross stitch is not my thing.
Cross stitch with floss colors I had on hand
 Then some free hand embroidery.  I bought a Dresden plate ruler and was going to use this as my center.  But alas, that will have to wait.
Yes! one out door shot!

The next two are some love birds I stitched up thinking about ring bearer pillows but I am not in love with the way they came out.

Last but not least I made a batch of sugar cookies for my DgD and friends.  This is the pigeon from "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by Mo Willems.  The kids got a big kick out of these.

Well,  here is to a better second quarter in 2015.  Now please go visit with the rest of the flock! Enjoy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tuppence a bag

Mdm. Samm is getting another hop organized; this one is going to be hosted by Lana from It Seams to be Sew using fabric (if we an get it) from Elizabeth's studio and Tracy Lizotte's collection.

When I saw this fabric the tune "....tuppence a bag........" has been stuck in my head.  Mary Poppins is one of my favorite things.  I remember picking blueberries as a child to sell on Main Street so that I could buy the sound track.

I am off to talk my DgD into watching Mary Poppins with me........

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Sewing

Our son is getting married!!!  He and his finance live on the other side of the country so I won't be very involved in the wedding plans.  I am looking at the sunny side - less stress for me.

Of course I do want to be involved in some way so when she told me the colors would be coral and navy I goggled and haunted pinterest.  The  colors are very pretty together.  What to do what to do.  I found some bow clutches on Etsy and then a tutorial or two: Christina Clutch Tutorial and this one from Polkadot Chair

Now, remember, I live on an island and we do not have any big box stores or even a local quilt store so my choices in navy and coral were very limited.

The bag does need the interfacing, which I did not have, and a better zipper color (used what I had) but as this is a prototype I will adjust the pattern  anyway.

It needs a zipper pull

and definitely needs interfacing

Next time I will hand sew the lining as I think it makes for a neater finish and with the interface added the corners by the zipper are going to be even thicker.

That is it for my Sunday sewing.  Now do I have the courage to ask my future daughter-in-law if she has any interest in these as, maybe, bridesmaid gifts?

On to cook Sunday Supper  Eggplant Meatballs.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good start to the New Year

Day three of the New Year and I have gotten myself out for a run, started to de-junk food the fridge and (woot woot) done some sewing. I joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year and our color of the month is blue.  We are making a 12" (finished) saw tooth star with a 6" (finished) block in the middle.  At first I did not want to do these blocks as I don't have the magic ruler so it involves , gasp, math and cutting in 8ths.

I berated myself for being lazy and dug out some blues.  Yes, I have to be V E R Y careful in cutting but I am really happy with the way this block looks.  I may make another as my blade was a *cough* tad bit dull.

Whirling geese in the saw tooth star 
The whirling geese was a really fun block to make.  I had a good chortle when I was able to join the last seam without a problem.

And now I have posted twice in this new year...fist bump!!!!

Linking up to Soscrappy  with her Scrap Happy Saturday.

hummmm I wonder if hubby would like quinoa nuggets for dinner?????????????

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Challenging Myself

I am never sure how to start posts:  good morning, greetings, dear dairy, hello friends.......

The new year is fast approaching and it is the time I review the year fast ending.  There was way too much unproductive time.  I do believe we need some down time but I really need to get my rear in gear during the evenings; plus reruns are creating a real brain drain.

I try not to make resolutions but I would like to:

 1) use some of my fabric so I am joining a scrap challenge over at soscrappy.  Her button is on my sidebar.  I am not sure if I will follow her pattern or make Dresden blocks.
2) eat better- I have been (mostly) following a non-meat diet for two years.  I would like to be more conscious about what I eat.  Yes, french fries are made with a vegetable and cooked in the right oil they are vegan but really??????  Not conducive to good health.
3) Take better pictures of my endeavors.  I bought a real camera for a trip I will be taking in June.  Now I need to use it.

Yesterday I made a lentil loaf and it was pretty darn good.  Now, of course, we have left overs.  Does anyone still eat meatloaf sandwiches?  Well, I do, only lentil loaf.  The recipe is from The Simple Veganista.  Her picture is lovely and mine is lazy.

Packed full of vegetables with a ketchup balsamic glaze
Maybe my word for 2015 should be: energize.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Santa Sack Swap

Good Morning Everyone,

I am a bit late in posting my gifts from Meari.  The handmade goodness is wonderful.  Meari has had such a tough year that I am very impressed with her for completing all of her items.  Some of you  will remember the penguin sleighs from the sneak peak on Cheryll's swap blog.  I remember looking at them and hoping (as I knew Meari is a needle point artist) that I would be one of the lucky recipients.  TaDa, I was along with a sack, pin cushion,  mini snowman, bracelet and another adorable penguin.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 is a tough year

So far 2014 has been a bit rough on our family.  I broke - shattered according to the doctors- my elbow and two weeks ago my husband had open heart surgery.  My elbow has healed well and the hubby is  on the mend.

In order to help his spirits our DgD and I made him a gift.

The front of the pillow was designed by DgD.  She drew her Papa and his friend playing golf.  Then we dug through my material and found the crossword fabric, another of Papa's favorite things, for the back.  I found some gingham for the cording and tada

a pillow for Papa to hold to his chest when he coughs or sneezes.  He also has to put a pillow between his chest and a seat belt.

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