Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 is a tough year

So far 2014 has been a bit rough on our family.  I broke - shattered according to the doctors- my elbow and two weeks ago my husband had open heart surgery.  My elbow has healed well and the hubby is  on the mend.

In order to help his spirits our DgD and I made him a gift.

The front of the pillow was designed by DgD.  She drew her Papa and his friend playing golf.  Then we dug through my material and found the crossword fabric, another of Papa's favorite things, for the back.  I found some gingham for the cording and tada

a pillow for Papa to hold to his chest when he coughs or sneezes.  He also has to put a pillow between his chest and a seat belt.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

We got some ribbons!

Woot Woot - third place for my landscape at our county fair.  Our fair is so small that there are not separate categories for handmade items; they are all under arts and crafts.  So I was against furniture, knitters, hooking etc.  I think they should at least have adult and children's groups but as I don't volunteer there .........

So without further ado....drum roll.......

My daughter, Natalie - first place and peoples choice.
Hand knit bunnies

Next my granddaughter's fairy house

all nature (except the pot) fairy house

and last (but not least if I do say so myself) my landscape

inspiration from a post card
We all had fun taking part in our home grown fair.

Monday, September 1, 2014

I feel like a stalker

Hi everyone!

I have been very lax on posting but I have been stalking reading all my blogs.  You are all very busy creative peeps.  I will miss Deb who is moving to Twitter.  She has been a great example of  the power of positive thinking.

 Carol's road trip and her sharing  the Row by Row patterns has been a lot of fun.  I was inspired to search one out on my own.  My husband and I took a a day trip to the "main land" and went to Murray's Farrics in Orleans. Ma on the Cape.  I neglected to take a picture of their row but I bought the pattern & kit and, of course, some additional fabric.  The pattern has no picture so I have asked them to send me one as it will be easier for me to follow their pattern with a visual reference.  Anyway, I have told my husband that in 2015 we will be taking a New England road trip.  He can golf in between hunting down the row by row experience.  The row by row was a brilliant idea for our local quilt shops.

I follow so many blogs it is impossible to mention all of you but thank you!  I will mention one more as I have joined  Cheryll's Santa sack swap.  It is a lot of fun planning, executing and then receiving a total surprise.  I would have joined Mdm Samm  ( oops mentioned another) for her sew three things this summer but all of my items are a surprise!

The itch to sew again has finally hit!!  In addition to the Christmas swap I have decided to enter a little landscape wall hanging in our County Fair.  I started this years ago at a quilting retreat and will now finish it - nothing like a deadline.
I think I will add some beads for sparkle.

Linking up with Lily's small blog meet.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh no

Another grand-baby of a friend will be arriving soon.  The couple has chosen to be surprised and their colors are brown and green - a woodland theme.  Well color me stumped.

SO back to the fabric store I go as I have no browns.

Second fabric purchase after the Color Intensive class
 In my new found color freedom I decided that this palette needs a bit of ........something.
A couple more greens, a solid and light blue or grey for the back ground

 Yup. I have actually picked a pattern, Through the Looking Glass by Sarah Price (, that I bought as a pdf from Connecting Threads.  Easy peasy right?

I decided to go with the gray back ground and guess what - I ran out.  So I am sending a scrap to my mother, who lives "off island" and has access to fancy stores that sell fabric in the hopes that she will be able to find some more.  

Stay tuned.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring into Color

Hi Everyone,

While Spring is officially here our outside thermometer told me is was 24F.  It just makes me shiver writing that number.

The last time I posted I had just shattered my elbow while ice skating with my DgD. A month and a half , 23 stitches, a plate and some screws later I am well on the road to recovery.  Physical therapy is a challenge but so very helpful.  I was actually able to use my rotary cutter today-yay!.  Silly me. I thought one had to hold that darn thing up right and press really hard.  Well, if you put a fresh blade in, it can be held at an angle with slight pressure and a steady push.  I have got to stop being so cheap and refresh that blade more often.

While on the couch I decided to take  Rachel's Color Intensive class.  I have never felt comfortable putting my own color combos together so I decided to go to school.  She is a wonderful teacher and gave her students lots of helpful advice. 

Some of the most helpful, to me, was stash evaluation.  My stash is full of hand-me -downs and lots of focus fabrics.  I do not have many blenders or solids.My first purchase after her class (it is okay to laugh) was
                        One solid and one primary blender- reminds me of a famous mouse.

                        To go with the bicycle, bicycle  (anyone remember Meatloaf) fabric.

                      Then I added more from my stash thinking value, organics and geometric.
                  Some more -from ye old stash.  Maybe my next class should be photography.
           This is what I removed from the fabric pull as it struck the wrong note with me.

Now I have to find a pattern - hummm pinterest here I come.

Take care ya all - the fam is ransacking the kitchen trying to make caramel popcorn  (can you say mess?)


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hugs and Kisses

Greetings Everyone and Welcome,

This lovely hop was the brain child of  Madame Samm and Soma, creators of the lovely paper piecing pattern.  I must admit that I struggle with paper piecing.  For some reason I can never get the fabric size right and I end up un-sewing way too often.

So on to my adventure!  First up is the heart.  My DgD loves loves pink, purple and hearts.  I did not think she would understand the arrow so I adapted the heart to stand alone.  Woot woot so far so good.  I used it to make a sweet apron from the tutorial offered by Amanda.

We both love the way this came out - win!

Then I started work on the O (is that a hug or a kiss?).  Humm something seems to be amiss.....

Yikes. how could I not have seen this??????  I was running out of fabric as I am trying to work from my stash.  For some reason I thought I had a lot more of these two fabrics than I did.  So some fancy un-sewing, ripping and cutting ensued.

And back together again; in a manner of speaking.  There is a raw edge on the inside of the O.

And then the X
Not too bad.  But then I put them together and I don't know what I was thinking
So this part was a fail but I did use this "mat" as practice for my free motion quilting so all was not lost.

I seem to have odd luck every time I sign up for one of these hops.  Just when I was going for a re-do I broke my elbow.  Yup painful and limiting.  Surgery in a couple of days.

So this will be it this time around for me.  Enjoy the other hoppers!

Feb 17th

Lady Vickie

Lady Anne

Lady Selina

Lady Theresa

Lady Jane

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today I received by package from Sarah Beth!  She was so generous.  This package made my month!  A lovely beaded decoration (for my office), three red & white fabrics (next years swap?) AND peppermint hot chocolate (two of my favorite flavor combinations)

Before my broken elbow tells me ENOUGH! I want to show how far I did get on the Twist into the 60s (Batik) Blog Hop.  As I had no batiks Madam Samm said tie - dyed would be fine.  I had a whole series of photos on how I did this (remembering when) but have only one left.
The pink is much brighter and the swirl came out really well.  At this point I think it may end up being a jumper for DgD.

Take Care All.

Nana B

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